SYVF has now started a Community Outreach Program to involve young people in the community education.

The purpose of Community Outreach Program includes the following

  •  Building a capacity of youth volunteers at the community levels.
  • Providing free tuition to children and young people living in rural and pre-urban areas.
  • To promote the advancement of education at rural and pre-urban areas.

The program will follow the steps below:

Outreach program: An outreach program in rural and pre-urban communities needing support, whereby a Smart Youth Volunteer teaches English, Maths, Marine Science and Integrated Science within a flexible schedule. Through this, SYVF aims to ensure that every single child in the area covered receives education.

Community support groups: Support groups consisting of local leaders, youth leaders, students, youth volunteers and youth club members etc. They will provide support such as getting out-of-school children to study, and in encouraging parents to send their children to school. Young people will be motivated to support the education of children in their community, thereby strengthening SYVF work, and helping in attaining the goal of universal elementary education.

Expected outcome:

  •  It fulfilled a latent need in the communities for quality education and
  • Tapped into the energy and potential of hundreds of young people, who are willing to  promote community education in their neighbourhood.


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