Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation (SYVF) is a registered non-profit organization in Ghana dedicated to providing real opportunities for young people to get involve in voluntary work. SYVF is committed to serving the needs of children and young people between the ages of 6 and 25.

Our vision:

• To assist the youth become responsible, caring individuals and be active in their community.
• To challenge the youth to involved themselves consciously and actively in their own development and the development of the society.

Our mission:

– To build a network of youth volunteers for a better community.
– To promote the advancement of education in rural areas.
– To facilitate active youth participation in developmental issues.
– To promote youth-led projects, completion, awards, and recognition of young people’s positive contribution.
– To increase collaborations among youth organizations by sharing information and resources.


Commitment to the mission involves:

  • Providing a variety of a SOCIAL FUNCTIONS (Cultural Programme, Family and Life Skills Programme and Moral Building) through which children and young people may meet and make friends in a wholesome atmosphere.
  • Providing EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES (Environmental Science Programme, Health Programme, and Leadership Skills Programme)
  • The development of COMMUNITY SERVICE (Citizenship Programme, Youth Co – Operative Programme and Agriculture / Horticulture Programme) through clean up exercise, tree planting and conservation activities.
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